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what i think

kenmore east is real shitty.

you think that as soon as you're finished with break, and being bored, that school... might actually be fun just for the sake of being around people... i was wrong.

no matter what random person is in the hallway, they fucking barge right through you like you're some bug. FUCK THAT!!

i don't care who you are, but if anyone else does this to me... they'll fucking pay.

screw east...

not even the councelors fucking respect me. mrs. vittum handed me back my college applications (2 weeks ago) because i could've saved money on filling out more forms. what the fuck!? i don't care, my mom was nice enough to pay for it as it was, why do i need to waste more time with forms!? GET ME INTO COLLEGE YOU FUCKING SLEAZE!! on top of that... she's pregnant! she's too busy getting "busy" with her hubby and not worrying about her real job.

ken east gave me nothing but shit for all four years of my presence... & i plan to get those four years back... just wait until senior prank day... hehehe...

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